MCI Cultural Student Exchange Program


The MCI Cultural Student Exchange program is designed with the following objectives:


Junior or senior nursing student in good academic standing in the School of Nursing in home country. Faculty sponsor and director approval is required. Successful completion of specific clinical courses may be prerequisites for certain internship areas (e.g. critical care, emergency room, medical-surgical nursing; parent-child nursing; etc.)


The parties involved in the nursing intern program will include the sponsoring organization -- Minority Care International (MCI), the nursing student, the faculty supervisor and the director of the nursing program, the hospital supervisor and nursing preceptor, and the Nursing Student Advisor on the MCI Advisory Board.

Minority Care International as the sponsoring organization will provide the liaison among the internship members: the intern, the University of Mindanao and the University of Southeastern Philippines Nursing director, the clinical site. MCI will also secure housing and transportation for the intern and provide an student advisor to maximize the student's learning experience in the U.S. A letter of agreement will be sent by MCI to any participating universities along with any site-specific requirements/forms.

Nursing student

Good Practice Behavior for Student Interns

Attitude and Skills

Barriers to Optimum Outcomes:

Faculty supervisor meets with the intern as needed and assigns the grade for the internship. The basis for formulating the grade will be the student's performance in the classes based on the criteria and outcomes outlined on the course syllabus.

Nursing Chair ensures that student meets the academic requirements for taking classes in the nursing program.

Hospital supervisor is responsible for directly or indirectly supervising internship activities and evaluating the student's performance. The supervisor will ensure that qualifications and assignments meet the Texas Board of Nursing requirements.

Hospital Preceptor is responsible for directly or indirectly supervising internship activities and evaluating the student's performance.

The hospital will provide a stipend for the travel expenses of the intern and assistance with the living expenses.

Academic Credits: Number of academic credits to be earned_____________________
number of internship hours to be worked ________________________
general description of the work schedule _________________________


Please print and fill out the internship application form below and mail it to Minority Care International LS Violan Building, Bonifacio Street, Davao City 8000, Philippines



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