MCISA Students President Elections 2015

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On Saturday, May 12, Minority Care International Students Association (MCISA) hosted the Presidential Debate for candidates running for the 2015-16 academic year, moderated by the Editor-in-Chief of the Mindanao Times, Amy Cabucano.  Youth are among the most affected by public policy challenges facing the world today. Debate is the optimal vehicle to develop leaders. We believe that students with debate experience at the college level will represent tomorrow’s leaders. Competition fostered through debate teaches students to think critically, identify with new ideas, expand their sphere of influence, and learn about citizen participation in decision-making. Many of these challenges relate to social issues among the youth involving education, economics, health, and environment.

The debate was between two tickets: presidential candidate Stephanie Ebrano and vice presidential candidate Zaid Mandangan, and presidential candidate Emmanuel Anajao and vice presidential candidate Jason Tenebroso. Stephanie and Zaid’s platform focused on sustainability, a liberalized education system in the Philippines, economics, health, and issues such as drug use, lack of role models among the youth, and HIV/AIDS. A key issue was helping youth in the community who have dropped out of high school to pursue an alternative school on the weekends, thereby giving more power to youth, creating plans for long-term change, and giving students a voice in the student study forum’s weekly meetings, among other issues. Additional ideas brought up by Stephanie and Zaid included the creation of new tasks for involving the community, such as where students can volunteer and be involved in outreach programs in their community, including tutoring students who have dropped out of high school.

“We want to get things done. That’s what you do as President and Vice President,” Ebrano said. “So that’s our first priority…, and at the same time while getting things done, we want to be there for you as students and create more opportunities for you to be involved in your community and to be aware of social issues that our community is facing.”

Emmanuel and Jason ’s platform also addressed giving more power to MCISA clubs and club leaders. If elected, the pair pledged to make efforts for more inclusion on campuses, specifically for students included in comprehensive training of student leaders, and implementing a system where students can be more involved in their community. “We want everyone to know that we’re going to work hard to make our organization stronger,” Emmanuel said. Emmanuel is an international study major with a Political Science minor. He is now working for a research company and is a member of the MCISA.

Jason is majoring in criminology, has been a part of MCI soccer team and is coaching kids how to play soccer.

Stephanie Ebrano is a special education major. She has been part of student exchange program to the USA, and she did her intern at the Boles Independent School in Texas. Ebrano is a president of MCI Roteracts Club.

Zaid is a Education major. He has been a member of MCISA. Zaid is also a Marco Polo Scholar.

Students vote for Student Government President and Vice President today, Saturday, May 23, 2015.