Religion and Morality in Business: Ethics in the Workplace

MCISA, Minority Care International Student Association, is presenting a weekly study forum with a lecture series on “Religion and Morality in Business: Ethics in the Workplace.” MCI invited a distinguished speaker from South Korea, Ryan Jung, who was the former head of the research center for Samsung Telecommunication. Mr. Jung discussed the application of faith-based principles to everyday business problems. In the wake of recent highly publicized scandals in the corporate arena and among lawmakers, business, and educators in the Philippines, citizens are looking back at the age-old questions of right and wrong. We know that our efforts to act ethically affect our business dealings, but where does our desire to behave ethically come from? How can my faith, commitment, and personal values shape and influence my behavior in a work place? For many of us, it is derived from a religious or faith-based sensibility.

Another question that Mr. Jung posed to the students was "Do you believe that you are in control of your own destiny?" Mr. Jung explained that if you believe that what happens is done to you, you are going to be far more motivated to take charge of your own life and put great effort into achieving the goals and dreams that you set for yourself. Mr. Jung shared with the students his life story about how he was very poor when he was growing up, but he never stopped looking for a better life and never gave excuses. Further, he argued that the students should not be pushed hard to be successful in the informational technology sector. In contrast, if you think that success is all about luck or chance, and if you do not work hard and do not use the opportunities that you have right now, then you are going to wait around for long time to see these things happen.