MCISA Invited Local Media for Open Forum on the Middle East Situation & ISIS

On Saturday, October 4, 2014, the Minority Care International Student Organization (MCISA) held an open forum to discuss current events in the Middle East, including ISIS. MCI invited local journalists to examine the latest crisis in that region and the role of media in portraying it, especially the ISIS group and what the media is missing about these Jihadists. Dr. Mizell, the MCI president, gave a brief presentation on the history of ISIS, why it exists, how it grows, and which countries support it. Key points of discussion probed, “Does ISIS represent Islam? What should the attitude of Muslims be toward ISIS?" A question and answer session and open discussion followed. Students from both the Muslim and the Christian communities, as well as members of MCISA, shared their thoughts and opinions on the current situation. A very healthy and informative conversation engaged everyone present. Miss Amy, editor of the Mindanao Times, and three of her staff who cover the court, City Hall, and the business sector also participated in the discussion, answering the students’ questions. Miss Amy thanked MCI for inviting them and for its taking the initiative to inform the youth about what is going on around the world.