MCI Eyeglasses Distribution

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Minority Care International (MCI) distributed eyeglasses on January 25, 2015 at one of the local communities. We had one eye doctor from the Rotary Club that I just joined who helped us to do the free eye evaluation and to label the lenses of all the eye glasses before we distributed them. She did a free eye check up, and then, based on the results, gave the patients a number with a paper; we then dispensed the eyeglasses. Based on her measurements, she determined that these glasses should be given to those 40 years of age and above. In the mean time the candidates had to sign in for record keeping purposes and then get their eyeglasses.

This is a wonderful project even though we were able to give only 73 eyeglasses because the doctor wanted to check each one carefully to make sure the lenses had the best correction for that person. We still have 227 more eyeglasses to give. Next time we will probably select another community for the distribution, and we may find another doctor, so that we can check more patients and give more glasses and restoring more vision. At the same time our Nursing students were there to do the free blood pressure screening for the elderly. Anidah Macadado, a nurse from MCI, was assisting the eye doctor. The MCI students, five of whom are RNs, really enjoyed serving this community need.