New Recovery program to help people overcome their addictions

MCI partnered with Attorney Carriage to invite Mr. Joe Ramsey and Mr. Ross McClain to come to Davao to train leaders and start a Celebrate Recovery outreach program especially designed to help those who have struggled with addictions. Mr. Joe and Mr. Ross have great testimonies to share, both are products of CR, and both are currently running a program in Texas. Celebrate Recovery is a spiritual and balanced outreach program to help people overcome their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. The international guests conducted an intense 12-step program with the leaders here, but almost all the people in the room participated. At the end of the training the locals actually set up a Celebrate Recovery program modeled on the one in the USA.  Joe and Ross shared their testimonies at the training session about how God used CR to help them to overcome their addictions, since they realized that they could not do it alone. Because Celebrate Recovery is a great outreach social program, one of MCI scholars who has studied social work at the University of Mindanao and who lived in the USA trained to be a leader in the program. She learned, along with some others leaders, to reach out to the community.

Mr. Joe started off by saying the book tells us we have all have sinned. It is our nature to sin, and none of us is untainted. Because of sin, we have all hurt ourselves and in turn our loved ones; likewise, others have hurt us. That’s why each one of us as believers needs repentance and recovery in order to live a good life. Joe and Ross spoke to the MCI weekly forum, emphasizing the importance of serving others and community service. They said that we are going to see lives changed in dramatic ways, we are going to see hopeless kids’ lives restored, and we will see people set free from all kind of “habits, hang ups, and hurts” as they let God take control of every aspect of their lives.

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