Al Bareto, CEO and Owner of Car Asia, Talks on Stewardship

On June 21, 2014, Al Bareto, CEO and Owner of Car Asia who distributes Mitsubishi in the Southeastern Mindanao region, spoke to MCI at its regular forum. Mr. Bareto told the students, “Stewardship is a path of faith. Faith is a journey that changes our lives. All that we have we owe to God. Nurturing our gifts, talent, time, and treasures and sharing them with others is stewardship." Mr. Al Bareto shared his story with students about how he became one of the most successful businessmen in the region. He told students his parents did not have anything; his father died when he was a young boy. He did not have a chance to go to college, because he had to work to help his mother.

Mr. Bareto is from Manila, a native Chinese born Filipino. He told students that they should be thankful for what they have, especially thankful to MCI that offered them this great opportunity, not just helping them to attend college but also guiding them and teaching them purpose in life. He reinforced this recommendation by telling them to stop complaining and what they don’t have and be grateful for the gifts God has been given them, to appreciate those gifs and opportunities before you lose them. Mr. Bareto is almost seventy years old, but he just got his college degree in 2007, after attend Davao College.

Stewardship means living intentionally in the world as a steward, a caretaker of all that God has given to us. Mr. Bareto told students everything is God’s, and God has given freely to us. Every one has gifts to offer. We have gifts of time, treasure, and talent, so we have to cultivate them well and use them wisely by investing in the lives of others. Students participated freely and asked Mr. Bareto about his success as a businessman and his struggle with gambling and drinking before he made life-changing decisions.

Al Bareto speaking to
Al Bareto speaks to students.

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