MCI Weekly Study Forum

Aside from conferences, Minority Care International (MCI) expanded its reach through another organization having students members based in Davao City. MCISA is established under MCI to raise socio-civic awareness among the youth of today. MCI recognizes of the important role of youth for the future of our Fatherland thus offers worthwhile activities, seminars, picnics, and linkage to community projects to reinforce values, to integrate moral character, and to develop a sense of community.

The MCI Students Association (MCISA) regularly holds MCI weekly study forum. This weekly gathering has a growing list of prominent and notable speakers. Browse through our list of speakers who graced past sessions of MCI's weekly study forum. The most recent sessions are at the top of the list.

Dr. Rachele Jan Lobino-Enojada was our resource speaker at the Minority Care International weekly study forum.

Mr. Celestino Al Barretto, is the president and chief executive officer of Kar Asia Inc, a car dealership and parts distributor as well as a service repair provider of Mitsubishi vehicles.

The Philippines’ Department of Education Region XI Director, Attorney Alberto T. Escobarte

MCI's tutors recognised for their help with the Alternative Delivery Mode students.

Dr. Aland Mizell of MCI, Mohagher Iqbal of MILF, Dr. Norodin Salam of Director of the Peace Center

Dr. Aland Mizell

Dr. Aland Mizell

Dr. Aland Mizell

Philippines’ Department of Education Regional Director, Attorney Alberto T. Escobarte CESO IV, Region XI, and Dr. Janette G. Velosa, Ed.D OIC-CLMD Department of Education Regional Office

The forum topic was Alternative Delivery Methods (ADM) in Education.

Students President Elections 2015

Minority Care International Students Association (MCISA) hosted the Presidential Debate for candidates running for the 2015-16 academic year.

Celebrate Recovery, Joe Ramsey and Ross McClain

MCI facilitates a new Celebrate Recovery program to help people overcome their addictions.

Rotary Club

MCI organized sixteen scholars and members to propose to Central Davao Rotary Club to start a community-based Rotaract Club.

Online course from UCB

Over 30 students from the MCI Student Association enrolled in an online course provided by the University of California, Berkley.

Eye Glasses Distribution

Minority Care International (MCI) distributed eyeglasses at one of the local communities.

Open Forum

MCISA Invited Local Media for an Open Forum on the Middle East Situation & ISIS

Dr. Jing Ramiterre on Reproductive Health and Wellness Center of the Davao City Health Office

Al Bareto, CEO and Owner of Car Asia

Ryan Jung, formerly of Samsung Telecommunication

Paul Montejo, Lawyer (Philippines)


Rey Castro, Business Unit Head of University of Mindanao


Susan Cariaga, Lawyer (Philippines)

Importance of Giving

Davao Central 911, Government Agency

(BLS) Basic Life Support

Patricia Melizza Bello-Ruivivar, Former Chief of Staff of Former Davao City

City Mayor's Project

Virgilio Sangutan, President of Filipino Investors Association Inc.

Solutions in Purifying the Wastewater in the City

Patricia Ruivivar, Former Chief of Staff of City Mayor

City Mayor's RODY Project

Dr. Gene Gulanes, Davao City Treatment and Rehab Center Chief

Drug Awareness

Terry Simpson, Division Chair, Professor of Secondary Education

Valuing Traditions in Shaping the Future

Heidi Money, US-Registered Nurse

Clinical Competencies of Nurses for the Global Market Conference

Ben Cariaga, Lawyer (Philippines)

The Role of Parents: How to be Good Parents

Jing Ramiterre, Physician

Forum on the Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Davao City

Mary Ann Arnado, Secretary General Of MPC

Peace Process between MILF and Philippine Government

Rod Mizell, Professional Pilot


Linda Kay Mizell, Professor

Online Collaboration: Teaming Across the Web and Across Borders

Dianne Grisham, Business Woman


Carolyn Johnson, MCI Contributor


Jim Shuller, Engineer


Camelle Herbert, Teacher


Kevin Herbert, Marketing Specialist/Manager and President of A.T.E.A.

Leadership: Constructing Philippine Landscape

Audra Tibboel, MCI Contributor


Kevin Tibboel, MCI Contributor


Joseph Killgore, Trust Services Incorporated

Youth: Relationship Seminar

Leslie Killgore, CEO of Trust Services Incorporated

Servant Leadership as The Core Vaue in Development

Brent Money, MCI Board Member


Gideon Lau, Pastor

MCI Student Association Meets Singaporeans

Susan Flynn, First Lady of Texas State House Rep.


Dan Flynn, District State Representative

Conservatism and Politics Life

Mary Jean Hilton, MCI Contributor

The Current Global Economic Crisis: Implication & Challenge for the Philippines

Wilburn Dee Hilton, Executive Director of NGC Bodily Injury Trust, Texas

MCI Youth Leadership Conference 2012, Global Economic Recovery

Sara Duterte, Davao City Mayor

Function of the City and How to Run the City as a Mayor