Student Exchange Program

Minority Care International (MCI), in partnership with Texas A&M University-Commerce and the University of Mindanao (UM) choses its batch of exchange students to undertake the Student Exchange Program during the Fall semester of every school year. During this 4-month exposure, Cultural Exchange students will gain a broader outlook in life introduced to the broad nature of diversity and civil society of America. Standing as an instrument of hope, these students are committed to bring back the knowledge and attitudinal changes this program intends to instill will empower them to become catalysts for change in their community in Mindanao.

That MCI as the sponsoring organization will:

That the Home Institution as the school where the exchange student is officially enrolled will:

That the Host Institution, as the school in U.S. that shall accept the student exchange, shall assign a Faculty Advisor who will act as the academic liaison and will:



Prerequisites for the candidate to Cross-Cultural Studies Exchange:

Academic Classes and Credits:

Visa Support:

Exchange Student Responsibilities and Expenses

Good Practice Behavior for Student Interns

Attitude and Skills

Barriers to Optimum Outcomes: