MCI's Soccer Scholarship Program for Underprivileged Youth

Giving to others takes many forms. For MCI, its efforts can range from giving to eradicating poverty, illness, and illiteracy to providing inspiration for educational success beyond soccer for youth not motivated in school. Currently, MCI offers soccer scholarships for youth from underprivileged families to promote their development in the Islaverde, Bolivar, area of Davao City through participation in the sport of soccer. MCI provides free coaching sessions for students with particular needs. There are many talented kids living in the community who lack the means to participate in a competitive-level athletic program due to insufficient economic means. Soccer also helps young people to develop personal discipline, commitment to a team, teamwork, overall self worth, and a sense of value for education. In addition, it seeks to enhance leadership skills that will assist them in school, work, and life, so that they will contribute to their society. Furthermore, MCI soccer is not Just a pastime; it is also a venue to help youth who drop out of high school to go back to school as well as those who have already graduated but cannot afford to go to college; for the latter, MCI offers soccer scholarships to finish college. MCI intends to help fill the gap and to build bridges for those families and talented young kids from the community who have skills, desire, and drive, but who lack the role models and economic means to pursue their dreams.

One of the UN’s Millennium Goals is to achieve universal primary education. MCI has recognized the positive impact that soccer can have in the pursuit of this goal. MCI believes that by applying passion and discipline to our work, we create an environment in which youth can excel. The goals of the MCI Soccer Scholarship Program are the following:

  • Use soccer as a vehicle to promote the value of education among the at-risk youth and those who have dropped out of high school with positive life experiences and to energize youth so they change their own lives and be respectable role models in their community.
  • Motivate youth to enroll in and attend school and help improve their academic achievement.
  • Provide scholarships for students to attend school.
  • Provide alternative education opportunities for youth who cannot attend the school.
  • Motivate young people to turn away from drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy choices in order to turn to a healthy life style and positive behavior.
  • Offer soccer scholarship dedicated to eliminating negative cultural barriers, as well as advancing economic and social equality by engaging minorities in every aspect of their communities.
  • Teach children the value of team work and discipline.
  • Share in the youth‘s enthusiasm and joy, which is the most rewarding.
  • Impart invaluable life skills to the youth and enhance their self-worth and confidence.
  • Use football as a tool for social development, peace, and social change.
  • MCI teaches students not just to receive but also how to give back to their community.

MCI Coaches:

  • For High School Students
    • Coach: Polo Ibrahim
    • Assistant Coach: Ismail

Contact: Aland Mizell

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