Minority Care International Annual Retreat at the Loleng’s Resort August 1, 2015

MCI retreat brings adults and youth together in celebrating the outdoors, in a beautiful, safe, fun environment. We all need to recharge and there is no better place to do it. In between playing, swimming, reading, meditations, fellowship, movie night, and our famous non-fiction book reading time you can also learn more about each other. This year our Keynote Speaker Dr. Chet Haney from Texas, he is a also Professional American Football players. Dr. Kay Mizell, she is also from Texas. We also have five students from America joined us at the retreat. Every year we choose a non fiction book to read at the retreat. This year the book we read at the retreat was called Tim Tebow thru my eyes by Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow is a famous American football player and also he was born in Mindanao. Tim Tebow has also built a hospital in Davao City called Tebow Cure Hospital and also helps orphanages as well. The theme for this year "Live beyond ourselves", role of family, faith, and community especially given back to the community. It is not often that we see the extraordinary success and unusual accomplishment of an individual. The story of Tebow is based on the principles of a true servant leader, faith, love, and balance of life, the importance of the family, church, and community, and the importance of God in his life. Tim Tebow is a genuinely humble man in that he gives all the credit for his success to he Lord and his parents who molded him while he was young. It is great to study inspirational people who are still alive today. The story of Tim Tebow reminded me of the importance of belief in oneself and humility through our lives. If you have not read the book yet, I strongly recommended it. People of all ages should read this book which will truly touch you and possibly change the way you see things and people.

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