MCI Graduates Get Houses Through KAIROS

Two of MCI scholars got a new house for their families

Minority Care International partnered with KAIROS Housing Projects Homeowners Receive Keys to Their New Homes at Dedication Ceremony in Balyok, Davao City on Saturday, February 22th, 2014. Three new Kairos Housing Projects homeowners received the keys to their new homes on Saturday afternoon at Baliok, Davao City.


The Housing Projects:

The foundation was duly organized and exists under Philippine law. It is a non-profit organization with the mission to eliminate poverty in housing and homelessness in our community by building better homes for better lives. KAIROS not only provides eco friendly homes for better lives, but also reduces the gap between the haves and the have-nots. We believe a solution lies in building relationships between the haves and the have-nots. Building houses for the underprivileged helps create a new reality for those with less, gives them a new sense of dignity, and leads to a new outlook on life and a long-term solution designed to break the cycle of poverty. Our vision is to build three hundred more eco friendly houses and transform the community. We envision transformed lives in model green communities anchored with strong moral values. We hope for a day when everyone can have better homes for an improved standard of living. Creating accessible, safe, self-sustaining, green model homes liberates people to live better, healthier, and more productive lives.

Core Values:

Empowerment of men and women, family values for the residents, stewardship, resourceful initiatives, result-oriented projects, self-sustainability, and prudence in use of resources.

Selection process:

KAIROS selects partner families to become KAIROS homeowners. KAIROS follows a nondiscriminatory policy of family selections. Neither race nor religion is a factor in choosing partner families. KAIROS selects residents based on their level of needs. Applicants are required to meet several qualifications to ensure success. KARIOS has its own guidelines. One of the qualifications is proof that the applicant does not own a house and proof that she or he is otherwise homeless. Applicants must prove that they do not have enough income to finance their house, live below the poverty line, and do not own any other properties. The residents must be willing to cooperate by following KARIOS community's rules. The new residents cannot resale the house.

KAIROS Community Housing Projects Type and Costs:

There are three types of housing: one bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms houses. KAIROS only offers accommodation suited to the needs. For example, if a person is single and lives alone, KARIOS will not offer a two-bedroom house to a single person. Single bedroom houses have 35 square meters at a cost of $11,000 US dollars. Two bedroom houses have 45 square meters costing $14,000 US dollars, and three bedrooms houses of 65 square meters costing $20,000 US dollars. The South Korean company Hyundae Home Plus Development Inc. builds KARIOS eco friendly houses. Most of the materials that have been used in the houses save electricity such as energy efficient appliances, better window insulation, and energy efficient fluorescent lights, all of which will enable the residents to save real money on their utility bills. KAIROS’ eco friendly houses are built using less polluting materials; for instance, a builder uses contaminant free building materials to help resist indoor polluting of the environment and to have less problems with toxic mold. Most of the construction materials are from South Korea and are shipped to the Philippines so that the homes feature materials that are eco friendly, light- filled, and energy efficient. The houses include radiant floor heat, insulated concrete foundations, non-toxic finished doors, flushing toilets, windows and waterproof doors that are not weathered by the rain and that open with a card, pin number, or key.  Beneficiaries of KAIROS housing projects will use hydroponic gardening systems; it is one of the ways for self-sustainability. Recently many people have found that hydroponic growing systems provide more options and greater flexibility than they can expect from traditional soil based growing plants. Homeowners have been trained how to do intergenerational gardening, grow plants, and care for livestock by the Kairos Communities Foundation Inc. KAIROS ‘s first batch of homeowner recipients are the Ampuan family with two siblings, two sisters who are vendors. Aquisah Ampuan was First MCI scholar and she graduated and she is now registered nurse. Her family from the Maranao tribe and used to stay in Isla Verde until they moved into their two bedroom 45 square meter house. The Sultan Family has eight siblings who are also vendors and who belong to the Maranao Tribe. Sarah Sultan also was one of MCI ‘s first batches of scholars and she graduated from Accountancy. Sarah’s family was used to stay in Isla Verde, but now moved a three bedroom houses with 65 square meters.  May Rebucas’s parents, fish cage watchers belonging to the Cebuano tribe, she has a single bedroom house with 35 square meters.

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