Restoring the Vision: MCI's Eye Care Outreach Program

Dr. Len Len Tan from Rotary Club of Central Davao and two Ophthalmology 4th years students donate eye care service to people of Ilang Muslim village in Davao City, along with a team of MCI college students organized through Minority Care International Students Association. This is Dr. Len len Tan's 2nd time to donate eye care service through MCI. Thanks to Dr. Len len Ten, her beautiful daughter Ann jay, Jeremy Pedronio, Mark and MCI students for their amazing work. MCI goal is to provide donated eyeglasses to improve vision. MCI distributed another 195 eyeglasses to a Muslim community and gave eye check-ups for more than 220 people all of whom were adults. It was a whole day event. Most of the Muslims were fasting because it was Ramadan. At the same time our med tech student, Charles, gave free blood pressure screenings for them. Many of the people who received the free eye check up and eye glasses are very happy because they can see very well as they read. Eye care clinic is a compassionate servant hood projects that draws all people to receive eye exams and free eye glasses. This is a great project for our students who enjoyed serving this community need. Thank you for restoring vision.

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