MCI Faculty Exchange Program

Minority Care International (MCI) in partnership with Boles Independent School District (BISD) and the Thompson Christian School (TCS) offers a unique international experience involving a semester in the Cross-Cultural Teacher/Faculty Exchange Program. The faculty exchange program will provide participants with the opportunity to teach or conduct research for one semester or on an academic year at the Boles Independent School District, returning to their home school at the end. Through the Cross-Cultural Faculty Exchange, faculty will gain personal and professional knowledge, be exposed first hand to very different approaches to learning and methods of teaching, research, support functions, student service contexts, and skills about working in a variety of global environments. The experience will help them to examine their own perceptions and values and to appreciate how these attitudes and actions have been shaped, possibly challenging both their negative and positive perspectives and stereotypes. The partnership can also provide teachers with a basis for broadening curriculum and subject areas to incorporate wider global input and viewpoints upon their return. An integrated academic and faculty/teacher exchange experience will benefit faculty in their life-long education and will present them with new and rewarding challenges. This exchange program will benefit faculty members from both home institutions and the Boles Independent Schools District by exposing both of them to new ideas, other cultures, and different methods of teaching. The benefits will be immediate, and faculty will have the opportunity to learn concepts and ideas presented in entirely new and different ways.

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In the photos, left to right are Dan Flynn, State Representative, House District 2, Texas Legislature, State of Texas, United States of America; Graham Sweeney, Ph.D., Superintendent, Boles Independent School District; and Tim Stainback, Director, Minority Care International, Inc.