Servant Leadership: The Core Value in Development

Ms. Leslie Killgore

The guest speaker, Ms. Leslie Killgore

With spirits soaring high, the Minority Care International, in partnership with the University of Mindanao Social Science Discipline, held an Annual Leadership Forum on January 27, 2012 at the UM Matina Auditorium. This forum, spearheaded by UM Vice President for Institutional Affairs, Ms. Maria Julieta R. Torres, highlighted the theme, Proven Principles for Leadership.

The speaker, Ms. Leslie Killgore, is an international women issues' advocate, a well-respected leader, and an educator from Texas, U.S.A. helps the participants grasp a better understanding on the different leadership styles and teaches new ways in equipping current and future leaders especially women in gaining confidence in taking new challenges as they embark on new leadership roles. She explores areas in leadership, research-based from well renowned authors such as: John C. Maxwell, Jim Collins, James M. Kouze, and Barry Z. Posner. An interface between research and personal experience on how to turn pressures from various sources into positive challenges, and eventually, gaining a better perspective in life and ones purpose made the forum a success.

The panel of reactors consists of Dr. Gerlieta Ruiz, an educator, Zaynab Ampatuan, a community organizer & educator of CORE, International, and Dr. Malou Monteverde, President of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. widen the perspective of the participants on how to exhibit various leadership roles of women in law, business, media, academe, and non-government organizations. The faces of obstacles may be different, but the principles are applicable in all levels of circumstances, regardless of stature and gender.

In general, servant leadership is about establishing relationships and being able to work well with others in achieving personal, professional, and societal goals. A selfless, a committed, a skillful, a courageous leader, indeed contributes to the development of the family, community, and society.

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Photos by: UM AVR