UM Holds Conference in Partnership with Minority Care International on "The Role of Faith in Community Development: Faith and Social Capital"

Aland Mizell
Conference participants
Matthew Beasley

Minority Care International in partnership with the University of Mindanao Social Science Discipline conducted its Annual Leadership Forum, this year entitled "The Role of Faith in Community Development: Faith and Social Capital." The guest speaker was Texas community leader Matthew Beasley. He spoke on the power for transformation and change when committed individuals with a robust faith are zealous to improve social conditions of the community around them. Social scientists, leaders from Davao, and those engaged directly in the community participated in the discussion. The conference reminded us how religion, in all its diversity, influences the community’s social capital.

Participants asked, "What are the current challenges and how do those challenges influence religion and build a sustainably and peaceful society?" Students from the audience developed a conversation about this topic. Speaking from a historical perspective, Mr. Beasley focused on how important it is to keep Christ in our community and follow Him, so that we can have peace and order in our society. When He transforms our lives, we can transform our communities by doing what He said in the Sermon on the Mountain, having a concern for the poor and suffering and a love of our neighbors. Speaking to a packed auditorium, he shared the truth about the transformation in individual lives and thus in communities, with students riveted by the possibilities in their own lives.