MCI President, Aland Mizell

Minority Care International (MCI) believes education is founded upon the acquisition of core skills and knowledge that are integrated with life experiences. This knowledge gained through hard work and discipline will inform new experiences and transform lives into committed and productive members of society. MCI stresses critical thinking balanced by receptiveness to the ideas of others. MCI believes in a need for quality education that enables the total development of the individual who has personal value and can become an independent creative thinker and as such will be socially responsible as an agent for change. Our century needs and will be shaped by today's youth. Meeting the challenges and opportunities in the global world will require versatile, intellectual competence and uncompromising principals. Those who thrive in and contribute to our world will have a sense of who they are and respect for others. They will have a passion to become the best they can be and help others achieves their best. MCI is committed to develop such individuals.

MCI believes every one of us has a place in society. That part cannot be played by anybody else in the world. Being poor and underprivileged does not really matter. What matters is that MCI provides an opportunity for motivated young people to obtain education that will enable them to make the most of their individual gifts. It is fascinating to see that each one has unique gifts with none having exactly the same ones. Besides teaching the scholars to use their skills and gifts, MCI helps students fulfill their dreams. MCI is a place where those dreams can be achieved and hope can grow. Today the blackboard is clean; the lessons still have to be written. Consequently, it is a day for optimism and hope.

Education can help a student to become a nurse, businessmen, a banker, or a politician. Most things may be lost but an education, once gained, may not be taken away. MCI offers a place where seeds of learning are planted with love and care. MCI is a place where students can learn about respect for others, moral principals, strategies to solve differences in a civilized and conciliatory manner. It is a place where learning is appreciated; therefore, MCI offers some unique opportunities for its scholars. MCI looks forward to the day when students will be happy and pleased for knowing that here they found the right soil in which to grow and develop, and thus always be proud to claim MCI as home. Students will pay forward, learning to invest in others as others invested in them. We at MCI will have that brighter future together.

Aland Mizell