The reward of being God’s steward

By Esmarie M. Talidasan

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps” a Bible verse found in Proverbs 16:9 which fits to the story of Mr. Celestino Al Barretto, the owner and CEO of Mitsubishi KarAsia Inc., Davao. He particularly spoke about “Stewardship” referring to the four principles found in the Bible happened last June 22, 2014 during the MCISA’s weekly study forum.

In reflection to his own life’s story, he came up with a very good topic which captivates our attention. I was stunned when he shared his experiences in life since he was young until he became one of the known businessmen in Davao City. Who can ever imagine that the owner of KarAsia was once a person who had vices — drugs and gambling? It never came up to my mind until he used the story of his life as an authentic testimony on how God worked in his life. His experiences in life inspired me that no matter how bad person is, there’s always a room for improvement, a room to correct the path we have chosen. He is now a person respected by others but he was always humbled and reverential in one’s religion. Truly, God made him from nothing into something he had never expected and he was rewarded for being God’s good stewards. During his discussion, his testimony is enough for me to believe that we, humans are making our own ways but God is there to direct the path we are taking. A very good steward who existed in this world was Jesus. He was born for a very great purpose and mission — a mission not to fail but to fulfill. Like Jesus, you and I were born for a reason and purpose and whatever it is, it’s already written in our story book. Similar to Sir Barretto, let God be the center of your life and He will be your role model on how to become a God’s good steward. Be a God’s steward in every little way. Start it today! Your reward waits in eternity.

Esmarie M. Talidasan, studying BSEd-Eng 4 at USEP, is MCI’s Students Association Secretary.