MCI partners with ADDU on a Forum - The Current Global Economic Crisis: Implications and Challenges for the Philippines

IMG_0735.JPG Minority Care International in partnership with Ateneo de Davao University holds a forum on February 28, 2009. For a high level discussion on the implication and lessons from the ongoing financial crisis and the consequences for the western or American financial model.

The panel will discuss the financial modernization policies and international financial models for the financial centers that drive the Asian countries' economies. Our guest speaker from the United States, an expert on the global financial crisis, has a high profile in the arena of global economy and investment.

The current crisis raises the question of how the Philippines' economy individually and collectively with its partners should react to the current global financial crisis and the upheaval of the American financial model; in other words, what policies and programs should be adjusted and what implications for regional cooperation would result? Significantly, what impact on the socially and economically underdeveloped region will it have? It is expected that the U.S. predicament will serve as the main reference case.