MCI Goes to the Provinces to Select New Students for Scholarships

At most of the schools around the globe, college administrators are poring over student essays, recommendation letters, and SAT scores as they select a new student. How can students who live in the mountains and in the provinces compete with these requirements? It is hard for talented high school students from poor families, especially students from the villages in the mountain areas, to afford studying at college. Additionally, a growing trend indicates that highly selective colleges cater mainly to students from privileged backgrounds. Some of the students from the mountains and provinces cannot even afford transportation to come to the city. Since most of the premier universities are located in the city, most of the highly talented and gifted kids from minority or poor families from the outlying areas go unnoticed.

One of the differences about MCI scholarships is that an MCI representative goes to the mountains and provinces to talk to these communities to select the talented and gifted students who are willing to study, but, due to financial problems, cannot afford to attend college. MCI extends its hand to provide scholarships. The MCI Scholarship Project provides opportunities to youth from minority groups who seek to overcome their difficult circumstances by bringing them into the educational mainstream and offering them scholarships to attend college in Davao City, thereby graduating students capable of making positive contributions to their society. MCI is not just giving to the students but also teaching students how to give back to their community; in other words, it teaches how to involve the community in -Y´paying forward.¡ For example, Jerwin Capuras, who proudly graduated with a Nursing Degree from the University of Mindanao located at Davao City, represented MCI to seek out candidates for a new batch of students from two different tribes, the Dibabawon tribe from Bagsak Suawon, North Corrella and the Mangguangan tribe to talk about the MCI scholarship program.