Graduates 2012/2013

Nurulaji T. Jul (MCI Graduate of 2012)

Nurulaji started his involvement with the MCI Student Association in 2009, the year when MCISA was officially introduced to the public. He was elected as the president of the students’ club for the school year 2009-2010. As MCISA’s first president, he led an aggressive charge to make students in his university aware of the mission and aims of the student association. Jul, a Tausug, completed his college education through the help of the MCI scholarship program. In 2012, he graduated from the University of Mindanao with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. He then took the December 2012 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination and successfully passed. Currently, he is working as a Nurse at the Care For the Elderly Foundation, Inc., a hospice care facility situated on the south side of Davao.

Sarah P. Sultan (MCI Graduate of 2012)

Sarah is one of the pioneering students at the MCI Student Association. She was responsible for running the treasury of the organization during 2011, in which she mainly dealt with matters relating to finance. She had oversight of the fund-raising activities of MCISA during her tenure as treasurer. Sarah, who is of Maranao tribe, was the first recipient of the MCI Cultural Student Exchange Program in 2009, where she sojourned in Texas for a semester of study. Aside from that, in 2011 she also participated in a week long International Youth Leadership Conference in Iloilo City, where she represented MCISA. As a grantee of the full four-year scholarship program of MCI, Sarah finished her college education in 2012 at the University of Mindanao, where she majored in Accounting. At present, she is a civil service employee, where she works as one of the staff at the Office of the City Administrator of Davao.

Jerald M. Cabangcala (MCISA Graduate of 2013)

For five years, Jerald has been an active member of this student-run organization. He has shown his good leadership skills by serving as the vice president in 2009, and public relation officer in 2010. He is one of the staunchest attendees of the weekly MCISA study forums. His steadfast commitment to the organization has paved the way to a myriad of opportunities, one of which is being the recipient of the annual MCI Cultural Student Exchange Program in 2011, where he embarked on a semester internship program at one of the hospital systems in Texas. In 2007, he graduated from St. Francis Xavier College Seminary with a degree in Classical Philosophy, receiving highest honors. A year after, he pursued a second course of study at the University of Mindanao, where he took up Nursing. He graduated in April 2013. Currently, he is preparing for the upcoming Licensure Examination, which will take place in December 2013.

Arlhy V. Bereber (MCISA Graduate of 2013)

Arlhy considers MCISA as his second home. The organization has molded his character and shaped his values for four years. He became the vice-president in 2011, a position that gave him a pleasant way to hone his skills in leadership. He is very involved in many activities of the organization. He was also given a life changing privilege of becoming the fourth batch of the MCI Cultural Student Exchange Program, which took place last 2012. Recently, Arlhy was conferred with a degree in Nursing at the University of Mindanao. He is now gearing up for the upcoming Licensure Examination in December 2013. Presently, he is working part-time in one of the business processing outsource companies in the city.

Aquisah B. Ampuan (MCI Graduate of 2013)

Aquisah’s participation in MCISA has been prodigious. She has been directly involved in a variety of activities of the organization. With genuine and wholehearted discussion, she participates during each week’s study forum. Her strong passion led her to become the Student Association’s president for one academic year in 2011. Her impressive performance as the second batch of Cultural Student Exchange Program of MCI in 2010 has opened more doors of opportunity for her. Last April 2013, the University of Mindanao approved her for her academic degree in Nursing, obtained through the aid of the MCI scholarship program. Recently, she participated in a two-week leadership course in Thailand, where she gained knowledge and experiences, so that she spearheads the quest for good leadership essential to all effective organizations.

Anidah A. Macadato (MCI Graduate of 2013)

Anidah has been vitally involved in organizing different activities at MCISA since 2009. She has introduced the goals and values of the organization to many of the youth in her community. She was also one of the chosen students, who took part in the four-month cross-cultural studies in Texas, under the MCI Student Exchange Program in 2010. Recently, she graduated from the University of Mindanao earning her bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Her stint at MCISA has offered her many learning opportunities that harnessed her abilities in both her personal and professional life. Additionally, her recent involvement in a two-week leadership seminar, held in Thailand, offered her basic courses on leading groups and organizations. There she gained significant insights into diverse youth issues as well as community involvement.

Jerwin J. Capuras (MCI Graduate of 2013)

Jerwin has been with MCISA since 2009. He was elected as the club president during the academic year 2010-2011. He actively participates in different activities offered by MCI. Jerwin finished his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Mindanao in April 2013. He was one of the recipients of the full four-year scholarship program of MCI. Currently, he is managing the MCISA’s Students’ Perspective, an online hub for the members to engage in a meaningful online discussion. He is preparing for the upcoming Nurse Licensure Exam this December 2013.

Pilar Fatima Cabigas (MCISA Graduate of 2012)

Fatima was the vice-president of MCISA in the year 2012. She finished her college education in April 2012 at the University of Mindanao, where she eventually took up and successfully hurdled the Licensure Exam for Nurses on the same year. Currently, she volunteers as an Operating Room Nurse at the Maharlika Ambulatory Clinic.

Geraldine Bornasal (MCISA Graduate of 2012)

Geraldine was MCISA’s public relations external in 2011. She is a licensed Nurse. She earned her Nursing degree at the University of Mindanao in 2012. Geraldine is currently working in a business processing outsource company situated in Davao.

Yuki Yu (MCISA Graduate of 2013)

Yuki finished Accounting Technology at the University of Mindanao in April 2013. He has been a member of MCISA since 2011. He is currently employed as one of the data entry personnel at the Department of Social Work and Employment.

Grystel Nojapa (MCISA Graduate of 2012)

Grystel assumed the post as MCISA secretary in 2011. She finished her degree in Nursing at the University of Mindanao. She is planning to take the Licensure Exam in December 2013.