Our Mission

Minority Care International (MCI) is a non-profit corporation existing exclusively to assist minorities in their needs. Based on research and policy development and a survey of community resources and needs, MCI's activities and projects focus on the following areas:

Visionary Resource Development
Educational Development
Economic Development
Employment Opportunities
Health Care
Living Facilities in a Dormitory

  • Visionary Resource Development
    Provide resources for deprived minorities
    Teach inquiring minds to sympathize with good causes
    Pair those who care about the deprived with the deprived
    Partner with individuals, other non-profit organizations, non- governmental,
    and governmental organizations.
    Provide volunteer opportunities
    Solicit funds to provide resources
    Bring hope
    Sublimate prejudice and hatred
    Impart skills for reconciliation
  • Education Development
    Provide scholarships or funds for underprivileged students
    Reduce poverty by providing resources for education
    Increase life skills and employment opportunities
  • Economic Development
    Offers micro-loans to economically disadvantaged individuals and families
    Assistance for them to develop self-sustaining business
    Requires recipients to pay back loans at zero interest
    Assists in training recipients in the best business practices through conferences and seminars
  • Employment Opportunities
    Teach life skills and technical skills for employment opportunities
    Develop new sources of income for the economically deprived
    Improve housing and shelter for the deprived
  • Health Care and Dormitory
    Improve nutrition
    Offer access to basic health care
    Improve living conditions