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Minority Care International is a non-profit corporation organized exclusively for charitable purposes and designed to carry out its activities in the following areas: Research and Policy Development Survey community resources and needs. Read more here.

What's New

Over 30 students from the MCI Student Association enrolled in an online course provided by the University of California, Berkley.

Minority Care International (MCI) distributed eyeglasses at one of the local communities.

MCI students again voluteered for the Tools for School project.

MCI's exchange students speak to the Rotary Club.

MCISA Invited Local Media for an Open Forum on the Middle East Situation & ISIS

The MCI Student Association sponsored a forum on HIV/AIDS awareness in Davao City.

MCI announces the sixth rotation of exchange students.

There is a new story about the success of micro loans

Profiles for the latest exchange students have been added to the Student Exchange page.

Jerwin Capuras reports on the MCI Annual Youth Retreat Camp.

The reward of being God’s steward By Esmarie M. Talidasan

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