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Minority Care International is a non-profit corporation organized exclusively for charitable purposes and designed to carry out its activities in the following areas: Research and Policy Development Survey community resources and needs. Read more here.

What's New

In the Weekly Study Forum, Dr. Aland Mizell explains that respect should be two ways, not one way.

In the Weekly Study Forum, Dr. Aland Mizell Discussed Threat of ISIS to International Community

Tools for Schools goes behind bars. See the updated Tools for Schools page.

Philippines’ Department of Education Regional Director, Attorney Alberto T. Escobarte CESO IV, Region XI, and Dr. Janette G. Velosa, Ed.D OIC-CLMD Department of Education Regional Office led a forum on Alternative Delivery Methods (ADM) in Education.

MCI makes new outreach with their 3rd eye care outreach program.

MCI's soccer team hosted the Second Annual Soccer Tournament.

A report on the 2015 Annual Retreat is posted.

Dr. Mizell explains the need to prepare students with skills for the twenty-first century.

MCI's soccer scholarship program is described here. And now some photos have been added to the page.

Minority Care International encourages eligible students to consider donating blood.

MCI makes new outreach with their eye care program.

Five new MCISA officers proudly took the oath to serve for the session 2015-2016.

Dr. Mizell writes on the role of State and Non–Profit Organizations in the Education of Disadvantaged Students.

Dr. Mizell has posted two new papers in the publications section. One is on a more effective way to fight poverty, and the other advocates liberalization of the Philippine educational system.

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