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Minority Care International is a non-profit corporation organized exclusively for charitable purposes and designed to carry out its activities in the following areas: Research and Policy Development Survey community resources and needs. Read more here.

What's New

A Memorandum of Agreement has been signed that allows men and women in prison to complete a college degree inside the jail.

Jerwin Capuras has volunteered to serve aboard the Mercy Ship Africa Mercy.

MCI held its Fourth Cultural Celebration in August, 2016.

Dr. Mizell describes the challenges of differnt forms of government in multicultural societies.

MCI did its second annual Tools for Schools at the Davao City Jail.

MCI holds its annual retreat at Loleng’s Resort.

MCI holds 3rd volleyball tournament between some of the universities in Davao City.

MCI makes new outreach with their 6th eye care outreach program.

We have a description and photos of the MCI Sports Camp.

Dr. Mizell explains why we should make peace with our enemies.

There are two new exchange students listed.

MCI's Students’ Associations hosted a weekly students’ study forum about the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

MCI makes new outreach with their 5th eye care outreach program.

In the Weekly Study Forum, Dr. Aland Mizell shows that tolerance must be a two-way street.

In the Weekly Study Forum, Dr. Aland Mizell explains that respect should be two ways, not one way.

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